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MBA Students Share Stories, Hope to Inspire Younger Women

Sometimes, you just have to be shown that there is a better path. Once that way is discovered, it’s easier to get off and running in the right direction. Showing a route to success was the hope of four MBA students from Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business who visited a group of young women at Wolverine Human Services Vassar House Facility. The Vassar House is a highly specialized therapeutic treatment program that cares for more than 40 young women ranging in age from 13–18.

Broad College of Business MBA students Rose Glendinning, Brittany Young, Landy Lin, and Melody Buckley at WHS

“We didn’t have essaysonline an agenda to speak on, but we decided prior to arriving that we would each provide a brief bio about ourselves, a struggle that we had overcome and how we overcame it, and a piece of advice that would hopefully inspire the young girls at the program,” said Rose Glendinning, Broad MBA student.

Glendinning and her fellow classmates, Brittany Young, Landy Lin, and Melody Buckley, spent the afternoon talking on a wide range of topics with about 40 women from WHS. The women all live at WHS’s Vassar facility.

“Many of the girls didn’t know what an MBA was when we spoke about the Broad MBA program, so hopefully we planted the seed for them to become future business leaders and to continue their educational journey,” said Glendinning.

The MBA students answered questions about their lives, places they had traveled, favorite movies, favorite foods, languages they spoke, and talents they had. Lin was a crowd favorite with languages and talents.

“She speaks Chinese, and she translated funny things that the girls wanted to hear in another language,” Glendinning said.

The MBA students got involved with WHS because Young serves on the Board of an affiliated group called Fresh Era Detroit, which brings together 30 young professionals from across the state of Michigan who are the top leaders in their industries.

“The opportunity to tell these young ladies about our own stories and give advice about education, life, and about women in school and business was inspiring. It was exciting to see their enthusiasm and interest. I have heard many speakers throughout my education and it was exciting to be the one to give back this time. I hope we made a positive impact on the young ladies’ lives in some way,” Young said.

The group ended their time together with an impromptu talent show, in which Lin sang and the girls joined in.​

“Thank you to the students from Michigan State’s MBA program who spoke to the young women at Vassar House. Their willingness to share personal stories offered an inspirational look to what can be possible for these young women if they work hard and do not give up on their dreams,” said Scott​ Forbes, program manager for Vassar House.